Turkish Süper League Legends
👟 ognjen vranjes

📍 off the pitch, he was one of the authoritative figures in the dressing room.
Turkish Süper League Legends
📍 wonderkid had a ten-day trial at barcelona when he was still a teenager, but a transfer to the catalan giants never materialised.
Turkish Süper League Legends
👟 washington cerqueira

📍 also known as washigol. he was such a spectacular player, he ran so quickly with the ball and the movement of his legs put defenders in so much difficulty.
Turkish Süper League Legends
🧤 vanja iveša

📍 he was a typical croatian goalie; he was very tall(2.05 m), had good feet, was good on the ball, he always knew the solution and where to pass it.
this is prince, he was recently diagnosed with parvo and needs all the help he can get!

click the link below to help:) thanks

he was in the backyard last time i checked

Dr. Mehmet Oz
er star anthony edwards recently shared allegations that gary goddard, a well-known producer & director, molested him when he was a teen. tomorrow, two of anthony's childhood friends come forward to describe what they saw when they were kids:

Selam Ziyaretçi

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