Turkish Süper League Legends
👟 volkan arslan

📍 a player with exceptional passing and ability to dictate the flow of a football match with his positional play and intelligence, who has been undervalued.
Turkish Süper League Legends
👟 washington cerqueira

📍 also known as washigol. he was such a spectacular player, he ran so quickly with the ball and the movement of his legs put defenders in so much difficulty.
Turkish Süper League Legends
👟 ozan İpek

📍 his work-rate was unreal, he added a dimension no other player brings to the team. he’s underrated, a real top player.
Turkish Süper League Legends
👟 junichi inamoto

📍 passionate or not, inamoto will always be regarded as a trailblazer, a player who broke down barriers and made turkish clubs realise that imports from asia are much more than just marketing tools.
Turkish Süper League Legends
👟 kévin constant

📍 “if i was reincarnated as a player, i’d like to be like him”, said the former trabzonspor manager, shota arveladze.
Claudia Mangiamele
sunday player
robin francesca williams b.1984
american artist based in nyc

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